Day Trips #421 10/2/2018

Got a good reason for taking the easy way out, Got a good reason for taking the easy way out now – 1965 – Day Tripper – The Beatles

Welcome to Drivel Over Coffee. The Drivel rambles through this thing called life, stopping here and there for reflection, an enlightenment, some storytelling, and a touch of humor perhaps. Oh yes, an occasional rant. All the while my brain reverberates with the best music in the world – The ‘60’s and early 70’s. Yep – Lost in The Sixties. Remember, the brave kids who made this land free for you.

Day Trips

Being retired with all the time in the world, one would think we would be traveling all around Iowa and the Midwest. Taking day trips to places we always wanted to see but never seemed to have the time. Shoot we could even do an overnight trip. Having retired in 2009, 9 years ago, you can put the number of day trips taken on one hand. An item on my bucket list is to do more of these day trip adventures. With that in mind, last Saturday, my current wife and I struck out on a day trip to Gay’s Mills. It was a long trip and probably the worst day to go. They were having their Apple Festival in Gay’s Mills. Sunrise Orchards was packed to the hilt. Our timeline got skewed by various unexpected delays, but we had a good time regardless. Our purchases made, we struck out for home. I decided to use Google Maps. It was a comedy of errors. At critical times, we either didn’t pay attention to an instruction, missed a sign or messed up the Google Maps at a critical time. We made at least 4 mistakes requiring turn arounds and altering our route. I was driving in Prairie Du Chein, I think, I saw the flash of a traffic camera. I figured that my picture had been taken for exceeding the limit even though I knew that I was not speeding.

Just to be sure, I went around the block and passed the same spot, driving even more slowly, but again the camera flashed. Now I began to think that this was quite funny, so I drove even slower as I passed the area once more, but the traffic camera again flashed. I tried a fourth and fifth time with the same results and was now laughing as the camera flashed while I rolled past at a snail’s pace. We made it home, albeit much later than planned. Murphy greeted us with his usual vigor and open paws but couldn’t decide if he had to go potty or eat food first. He opted for potty and then food. He still likes us which is reassuring. Now I fully expect to receive a speeding ticket in a week or two. My current wife points out that since I didn’t have my seat belt fastened that I would likely receive 5 tickets for driving without a seat belt. One for each time I went by the camera. Oh, that was a really big OOPS. You know, you just can’t fix stupid.

Pontoon Boat

A high school friend of mine, Bill, tweeted me a story about his experience on a pontoon boat several years ago. Here is his story. “On a vacation in Key West, my family rented a pontoon boat and sailed out to spend the day at a sand bar. Eventually it was time to sail back and everyone piled into the front of the boat.

After a little while, we realized that the boat was moving slowly so we shut the engine off to restart and the whole boat started to tip over—like the front end was completely submerged and the motor was 3 feet out of the water. We all ran to the back, but the water just kept pouring in the front.

We all started panicking and tried to get the water out with little shot glass-sized Dixie cups. After we’d given up all hope of staying afloat, we realized that the anchor had fallen off the front of the boat…and we were dragging it through miles and miles of endangered coral reef.” Bill didn’t pursue pontoon boating further. Those darn anchors anyway. Probably why he hates the Navy theme song.

Something to Ponder

The United States has become a place where entertainers and professional athletes are mistaken for people of importance.

I’ve needed a doctor.
I’ve needed a Teacher.
I NEED farmers every day.

I have NEEDED an auto mechanic, a plumber, a house painter and a lot of other everyday people.

But I have NEVER, not even once, NEEDED a pro athlete, a media personality, or a Hollywood entertainer for ANYTHING!

Reality Check

• You WILL NOT be rewarded for bad behavior
• Being told “No” is a part of life. Get Over It.
• You are free to make you choice, you ARE NOT free of the consequences.
• Life IS NOT fair.
• You are not the boss.
• The world does not revolve around you.
• Respect is EARNED, it IS NOT just given.
• The world owes you NOTHING: Work for it.
• Fits and Tantrums will get you NOTHING. Stop wasting your time.
• You put yourself here. You need to fix you.
• Shut your mouth, open your ears.

…….. Well my friends, there you have it as told by yours truly to you all. It wasn’t great, but it was interesting at least. Thanks for allowing me into your day, if only for a brief time. It is always an honor. If I can make at least one-person smile, laugh till they leak, or maybe spit out a drink, my day was not wasted. Until we meet again – “TA!”

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