Jimmy Update…..#353 4/25/2017

“Oh, once I had a little dog, his color it was black. I taught him for to whistle, to sing and dance and run….” Autumn to May – Peter, Paul and Mary

Welcome to Drivel Over Coffee. A blog that focuses on nothing really. Originated out of the haze of French Roast coffee induced caffeine coma and possibly a chocolate chip cookie.
I lost my very best Drivel writing buddy, Barney, on Friday this past week. He was 13. Daughter Debby, the younger elder, basically rescued him from his first 2 years of being ignored. He grew, began to trust people, especially his mom and was the most loving friend anyone could have. He is in a much better place now, free of pain but he has left one HUGE hole in our hearts and tears in our eyes. RIP Barney – Love Ya!!!!!!

On a happier note.

The weather here in Iowa has really been nice the past few days. It is not often but over the weekend my current wife and I went golfing. A part of the on-going 50th wedding anniversary celebration, I guess. I hit a good drive on the 4th hole and so did Sue. We walked along the fairway to her ball. Suddenly she asks, “Honey, if I died would you get married again?” Sensing a trick question, I said, “No sweetie.” She responded, “I’m sure you would.” We walked along a bit further. I said, “Okay, I would.” Sue then asks “Would you let her sleep in our bed?” I replied feeling better about this line of questioning, “Ya, I guess so.” She then asks, “Would you let her use my golf clubs?” I answered without even thinking, “No, she’s left-handed.” Game over, I was immediately exiled to Jimmy’s Grill and Bait Shop.


Jimmy’s is surprisingly busy this Saturday afternoon as I served my afternoon in exile. There was a line of guys waiting to buy a fishing licenses. People looking at the fishing merchandise in every corner. They had their hands full of stuff to purchase so I jumped behind a counter to help Jimmy out since Mustard’s departure, Jimmy was working alone. A couple of lovely’s walked up wearing only two piece swim suits (I think there were 2 pieces), gave me a wink, and purchased suntan lotion. Naturally, I discounted the price of the lotion. Next, they asked if I knew where they could find good tanning spot. Heck yes, I had just the spot for them. I took them out the back door, past the solar self-serve cooler, past the patio over-looking the river and pointed to a large flat rock a few feet out from the river bank. I watched to make sure they made it down the steps safely and watched as they spread their blankets out on the rock. I came back to reality when a customer tapped my shoulder.

Few people knew that Jimmy had that rock placed strategically in the river on purpose. It is located so that it can only be seen through the telescope at the far edge of the patio next to the sheer drop-off to the river. It wasn’t long before a line had formed at the telescope. Oh, it was one of those coin operated telescopes. Fifty cents for a minute. Jimmy had thought of all the angles it seems. He had covertly blocked access to fisherpersons along both banks to prevent the free viewing of the sunbathers.

I went back in to help people. Jimmy was still selling fishing licenses but the line was shrinking finally. It did tend to boost my spirits a bit after my golf outing. Jimmy came over and whispered that he had fireworks for sale and they were under the counter. Iowa had just past a fireworks bill. No idea how Jimmy knew this. Supposedly, if someone winked at me and handed me a twenty they wanted the starter bundle he had put together. They sold pretty darn good. Bait was selling like hot cakes. Wait, I take that back. Jimmy’s hot cakes had a reputation and not a good one either. Bait was selling at a brisk pace.

The Grill was doing well also but the service was putrid. I split my time running between the counter and the Grill until Jimmy could help when the crowds finally thinned. I made a fresh pot of coffee after scrubbing it 3 times. I could actually see the coffee inside. It tasted pretty darn good even though I had to use a Chinese made replacement cup. Remember Mustard broke all our personalized mugs. Actually, it may have been a good thing. Mine for one was getting a certain crust around the rim.

By the way, Mustard. You probably recall how Jimmy and Mustard got into it with Mustard quitting and trashing the store at night. The police were called, photos taken, and Mustard was deemed a person of interest. A month or so passed before the police found Mustard. He was holed up in bed in a cheap motel. Next to him on one side was his wheeled walker and on the other was a Twenties something friend (floozie). Off to jail went Mustard.

Jimmy finally took time to sit down with me. We talked for quite a while. He was really hurt by Mustard’s actions. They had been friends for a long time. Jimmy said that Mustard was in jail awaiting a hearing. He is afraid Mustard won’t last long in prison so he is attempting to not press charges and get him off by paying restitution. Mustard has little or no money, so Jimmy is willing to hire him back and let him work it off. Jimmy’s fortunes seem to be turning around a bit with the pipeline and surprisingly no official interference. I didn’t want to know about all of that. He did tell me that the sunbathers were paid by him to “show their wares”. Hard to keep up with this guy.

…. And yes my friends, yet another spell-binding issue of the Drivel is put to bed. Don’t let my glad expression give you the wrong impression. Really I’m sad, oh I’m sadder than sad. “If I can make at least one-person smile, laugh till they leak, or maybe spit out a drink, then my day was not wasted. Until we meet again -TA!”

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